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International Quilt Festival

2 Nov

Once a year, the International Quilt Festival comes to the George R. Brown Convention Center in Downtown Houston. It’s a perfect setting mixing the urban surroundings with Discovery Green Park, and lots of eager quilters and enthusiasts.

Last year was my first visit to the Festival, and to say I was impressed was an understatement. It was like sensory overload for a quilter. I had an absolute blast, and became easily overwhelmed with all the beautiful fabrics, amazing patterns, and who could forget the quilts. The show quilts were fantastic and really opened my eyes up to the artistic side of quilting. Don’t get me wrong, I consider all quilts art, but the show quilts take it to the next level and knock it out of the park. Of course I spent oodles of money on fabric, patterns and kits, but overall I left anxious for the next Festival.

This year, I decided to attend a class in addition to shopping the Festival. I have become increasingly interested in modern quilting, and saw the class offerings. I decided on a class taught by Heather from for a Wonky Modern Table Runner. I’ll post photos and more in another post once I get all my photos together.

Needless to say, I’m totally hooked on modern and I have lots of ideas flowing through my head. I also got a chance to see her two quilts along with several others hanging in the Modern Quilt Guild Showcase. I now hope to create something that will be hung in the show one day. It’s my newest addition to the bucket list.

I picked up several great patterns and some great fabric while I was there too. I’m excited to get quilting, but first it’s NASCAR weekend at Texas Motor Speedway. Then QUILTING! I promised Eric I would leave all my purchases at home, so photos will have to wait.

Oh! And I almost forgot the biggest purchase of the Festival…. Eric bought me an AccuQuilt Go! for Christmas!!! Oh course he’s “giving” it to me earlier :P I can’t wait to start putting that puppy to good use :)

Now, I’m off to designing and mentally quilting the night away.

Until next time,