I like to eat. And I’m pretty nondiscriminatory about what I eat. I like to make food too. My apartment kitchen isn’t much, but I definitely make some messes, and some pretty tasty creations too. Below is a general overview of my foodie obsession. Some items will have links to blogs that cover those specific topics. This page is ever changing, so do be surprised if things come and go.

Favorite Tools:

  • Spoonillas & Rubber Scrapers – They can be used for almost anything, and I use them for just about everything.
  • Kitchen Aid Mixer – I don’t use this much, but when I do, I’m serious about getting down to business
  • Ikea Wok – I bought this sucker for like $10, and it does a great job when I make stir-fry from scratch.
  • Walmart Non-Stick Cookwear- I bought this set  for about $30 almost three years ago, and it’s been used and abused. It works just fine, and I have no real desire to get some high-priced stuff to replace it. Just yet.

Favorite Dishes

  • Macaroni & Cheese
  • Ice cream
  • Chocolate cake
  • Margarita Chicken
  • Borracho Beans
  • My homemade pasta sauce

Favorite Recipe Websites & Apps

  • Food Network App – Great for looking up lots of recipes quickly.
  • This website has SO many great ideas that can be used with their products, or you can make them your own.

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