I started sewing back in April of 2011. It was one of those things that seemed like it would be really fun, so I got together with a friend of mine, Karen, and she taught me the basics. From there, I taught myself some more, learned from my other friend Lori, and made lots of mistakes and creations along the way.

I use a Brother CS 6000i sewing machine. It gets the job done, as long as I don’t try and drive it like my racecar.

I keep all my fabric and supplies in a corner of my living room in my one bedroom apartment.

With the proper organization, it amazing what you can cram into a small space.

I get my fabric from all over. I shop my local Hobby Lobby & Joann’s stores, and when I travel, I always stop by the local quilt shop if there is one. Below is a list of the online retailers I purchase from as well.

My patterns come from all over as well. I’ve purchases several from the retailers above, traded with my fellow quilters, bought some at the International Quilt Festival here in Houston, and found lots online at All People Quilt. I even designed my own quilt pattern for one of the quilts I made. One of these days, I’d like to refine it and ultimately sell it, but it may be a while before I get that crafty.

Currently, I’ve made the following projects. I will blog about some of these, as well as the new ones I take on. As like most quilters, I’ve got lots of projects in the works.

  • Jackie’s Graduation Rag Quilt
  • Grandmother’s Rag Quilt
  • Momma’s Owl Quilt
  • Max’s Baby Quilt
  • Austin’s Wood Quilt- original pattern
  • Urma’s Monkey Quilt (It’s actually Baby Uran cause we don’t know his or her name just yet)
  • Pillowcases for everyone and their friends
  • Cupcake Pot Holders
  • Custom Throw Pillow

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