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Fabric, fabric and more fabric!

30 Jul

You can never have enough fabric. Or at least that’s what any good quilter would say.

Whenever I talk about fabric, Eric and my friend Nadja both make fun of me. So, when Nadja’s husband Jeff got back from Amsterdam with my present, not only did they make fun of me, they also shook their heads. “Oh great, just what she needs… MORE FABRIC!”

I, however, was grateful for Jeff’s very thoughtful gift. He found this little quick shop called Bird Block and specifically asked for fabric not sold in the States. He brought me home a little stash of awesome. And, the quilt shop has a really cool bird block on their tag, so I emailed them to find the pattern so I can make it using this specific fabric. I’m totally stoked.


Max’s Baby Quilt

27 Jul

For my “nephew’s” first birthday I wanted to make him something special that he could keep forever. What else besides a quilt would qualify? He’s not techinally my nephew, but I’ve very good friends with his parents, so I’m Aunt Syd. Max is one of the coolest and mild-mannered babies I have ever seen. I just hope he stays this way his entire life :P

I set out to find the perfect pattern and fabric, cause let’s face it, you only turn one once, and it has to be special.

I finally settled on the Little Buddy Baby Quilt pattern at Carlene Westberg’s Etsy shop. As soon as I saw it, I knew it would be perfect. I used the Pooches & Pickups fat quarter bundle to create the finished product. The family has two German Shepherds and a truck, so it would be perfect.

A close up shot of the fabric

As I was cutting the fat quarters, I reinterated the reason there is a guard on a rotary cutter. I was just casually swinging the cutter around as I was moving fabric and snagged my thumb pretty good. My first thought was, you’re an idiot. My second thought was, don’t bleed on the fabric. Then I realized it actually kinda hurt too. I washes the blood off my hand, put on a bandage and went back to cutting.

I don’t have a lot of room in my apartment, so laying out big quilts is kind of difficult. Luckily, this one was just a crib size :) It took me about three evenings after work from start to finish to get it done. I used a simple black with white polka dot fabric from Hobby Lobby for the backing. I wanted something that would wear easy and hide babyness. :)

I had some left over fabric from my fat quarter bundle, so I appliqued an M on the pillow.

After all was said and done, here’s the finished product

Backing fabric

Up-close shot of the batting

The little pillow

I think Max likes it :D